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4 signs to know if he worth your time (No.3 is very important)

You’ve been out on a few dates with him already, but is he a keeper? This is the question that’s probably keeping you from fully committing to your relationship. Therefore, I have decided to identify precisely what makes a man worthy of your time and feelings.
I will give you a few pointers about how real men treat their partners, so you can decide if your current man is worth keeping or kicking.

#1. He always manages to pleasantly surprise you
There is a fine line between a nice and a nasty surprise, and a real man knows how not to cross said line. When out on a date, you’re right to expect certain things to happen, but a real man will also include some small and very pleasant surprises that you would never have thought of.

#2. He always listens and actually cares about what you tell him
A lot of men only pretend to care about what their partner wants and needs. How many times have you told your man something important and, when asking him about it later, he has no idea what you’re talking about? Real men know when to shut up and listen, know when to act on what you’ve confessed to them, and know when to be supportive.

#3. He always acts like a gentleman
This one is important. If he acts with respect towards you, it not only means that he respects you, but also that he... CLICK HERE TO READ FULL

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