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Legit App that pays directly to bank - WOWAPP

Hi guys, I know you must browsed and searched for legit ways of making money online so many times. I am glad to tell you that you have reach the blog that deals with your ambition. I just made a research and this app that pays real cash to your bank account. I introduce to you WOWAPP!!

you may ask WHAT IS WOWAPP?

> WowApp is a Messenger like Whatsapp and Facebook but you can earn Real Money by just doing daily simple work by You & your team like Chatting, Watching Video Ads, Playing Games etc. There are 9 Ways by Which You can earn Real Massive Amount of Money on WowApp.
It is available in all platform like Android, Windows, Apple, iOS.

Ways to Earn Money from WowApp

There are 9 Ways by Which you can earn money from here, these include;
*1. Chatting*
*2. Playing Games*
*3. Lock Screen Ads (Automatic)*
*4. Installing Apps*
*5. Watching Video Ads (Every minutes)*
*6. Online Shopping*
*7. Online Recharge*
*8. Completing Surveys*
*9. Calling from Wowapp*

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And Many Earning Ways are Coming Soon.

If You & anyone of Your Team does this activities, you will get the commission up to 8th levels down.

Referral Income Plan
Note: you can earn with or without referral!
But it is advisable to refer in order to build a strong network. As you read down you will understand what a strong network means.

It is not Just Messenger, You Can earn Upto Level 8 with awesome Income Plan.

The Commission Structure is as below >

*Self*👤     -  20%
*Level 1*    -  25%
*Level 2*    -  12.25%
*Level 3*    -   6.25%
*Level 4*    -   3.25%
*Level 5*    -   1.56%
*Level 6*    -   0.78%
*Level 7*    -   0.39%
*Level 8*    -   0.19%

You must have a working email address because all important information will be sent through your email address. If you have this, then you are set! Click HERE to start now.


Confirm your email address
After registration, go to your email address and click on the validation message that was sent to you. This will validate your email address.

 Refer/Invite friends
Open WowApp click on 'Earnings' tab you will see the option "Invite a friend".
Share your link with your friends & build a good team.

Watching Daily atleast 10 Video Ads.
There are lots of 5secs Ads you can watch and earn real time cash instantly

Build a strong network
You can do this by sharing Your Referral Link on Social Media & Friends to build a Good team. Because Without a Good Team you can't progress.

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When you build a Good Network, then you can do the other Stuffs like Playing Games, Surveys, Installing Apps chatting Etc.

Friends, remember one thing if you build a good Network/Team you can Earn Unlimited from WowApp.
Sky is the limit for you.

Only 1-2 Months Focus on building a good Network. Once the Team built Create Your Own Group & Chatting with them and Keep them active & Train them to duplicate the Same. If you have a good network then you can earn as much as you can.

You Can Cashout your Money is many ways like:

1. *Charity* - You Can Donate your money to 2000 Charities over 110 Countries, but it's optional!

2. *Wow Credit* - You Can purchase Wow Credit by which you can do National & International Paid Calls for free.

3. *Mobile Credit* - You Can Recharge directly from here.

4. *Credit Card* - You can Cashout your money to Credit Card.

5. *PayPal* - Your earnings can be redeemed via PayPal.

6. *Bank Account* - You can also withdraw all your earnings to direct your Bank Account.

I attached here some payment proofs to show you that WOWAPP is legit


This is amazing! Click HERE to start now

 💗💗*WowApp* doing good through the power of Sharing  💗💗

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