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Blogging business, PASSION or IMMEDIATE REWARD? - 9JA NAIRA 247

Blogging business has been on the increase over the past few years till date. In the African world, there is a saying that "an idle man is a devil's workshop", prior to this, many believe that if youths are engaged in some activities like daily tasks and other errands, it will help cub the social vices we witness in our society today.


1. Those blogging for passion ( Freelance Bloggers) YES Millions of people make millions of Naira from blogging business

2. Those blogging for its immediate reward ( Instant Money)

On this note, many youths now venture into online businesses such as affiliates programs, blogging businesses and the likes. To be very honest, not all the youth that venture into blogging business do it because of the inbuilt passion they have for blogging. Some do it just to feel among and be rated high among peer groups as a blogger.

On the other hand, many  people like me venture into blogging solely because of the passion we have in writing stories, jokes, poems and getting it published online for the general reading public etc.

Furthermore, Blogging as a passion will not only make you an extrovert, but it will incorporate the spirit of perseverance in you.

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Remember, you can't have your cake and eat it. So don't do blogging for its immediate Benefit, but rather do it  because of the passion you have for it.

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