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GLO parella - a new platform for online marketing

GLO up with PARELLA also know as the Baddies GLO up challenge
Is envisioned by PARELLA to help ladies hit their realistic goals and GLO up into a badass
It's a one month challenge starting from the
8th of February to the 8th of March..... 
The glo up challenge covers all necessary area  s that a lady should improve on

It covers
Skin GLO up
Body GLO up
Hair GLO up
Nail GLO up
Closet goals
Mind goals...
Business goals
School hacks
Women's rights
And lots more....

This is also a platform to connect with one another

And help lift each other up
Because that's what queens
So it's going to be a busy February for us
And we are going to make this work....

EACH AND EVERYONE OF US WILL SEND A MAIL TO parellaorganics@gmail.com
With your full name
And goals you want to achieve.....
And you will receive from us
A GLO up kit.
Containing a list on everything you need to kick off the glo up challenge
And trust me
You will be amazed
To know that these things are around you...

The schedule for the glo up challenge will be out on the 5th of February
This will consist of
What to do on a daily basis
Apps to download for the week
Skin care routine
Home work out routine
Everything there is to achieve your GLO up...

So get ready
It's time to be a BAD ASS

It is going to be an interactive one
You will be  receiving e-books
And alot from us.
So it's time to get motivated
Get motivated and GLO up

And it's totally free.......
So there is no excuse

One more thing
10 winners will emerge at the end of the glo up challenge
And their prices remains undisclosed  ....☺click HERE to JOIN THE GLO UP CHALLENGE VIA

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